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How Islington Council uses Google Earth Enterprise


Google Earth Enterprise allows you to store and process terabytes of imagery, terrain and vector data on your own server infrastructure, and publish maps securely for your users to view using Google Earth desktop or mobile apps, or through your own application using the Google Maps API.

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Ease of use

Let users view and understand data in Google Earth and Maps, regardless of technical knowledge.

Offline capabilities

View globes wherever you are, even where there is no internet connection.

Secure and private

Keep internal map data secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Google Earth Enterprise key features

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How it works

Google Earth Enterprise uses some of the same concepts and technology that is used to serve Google Maps to millions of users and brings it to your organization's data, allowing easy and secure access through the Google Earth Enterprise client or through a browser using the Google Earth API or Google Maps API.

Google Earth Enterprise is comprised of two distinct software packages that work together to build and host your private Google Earth and Google Maps layers. Your users can view these maps using the Google Earth Enterprise Client or in a browser like Google Maps.


Combines all of your imagery, terrain, and vector data into a Google Earth globe or a Google Map.

Server Software

Allows you to host your private or public globe or map for your users to access via Google Earth client or a Google Maps browser.


Similar to the familiar Google Earth client and offers your users an easy way to view geospatial data compared to traditional desktop GIS software.


Web-based maps mashups can be easily built with your data through Google Earth Enterprise and data is securely viewable and accessible through the Google Earth Enterprise client or through a browser using the Google Earth or Google Maps API.


With the Google Earth Enterprise Portable Solution and Google Earth for Android, your users can take Google Earth and Maps with them into the field for completely disconnected, offline use.

Multiple access options
  • Google Earth Enterprise Client
  • Google Earth API and the Google Earth Plugin
  • Google Maps API
Platform support

Latest distributions of Ubuntu LTS and Redhat Enterprise Linux

Data support
  • Standard vector data formats including shapefiles, tabfiles, gml, kml, and CSVs
  • Standard imagery formats including GeoTIFF, IMG, JP2, MrSID
  • Standard terrain formats including DTED, SDTS DEM, ASCII DEM, IMG, GeoTIFF
Serving Capacity

The Google Earth Server is licensed to support up to 1000 users during the licensing term, and can serve roughly 500 concurrent tile requests

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Earth Enterprise a site-wide deployment of Google Earth?

No, Google Earth Enterprise is intended for organizations that have large geospatial data stores. Google Earth Pro offers an enterprise wide installation method appropriate for this situation where an entire organization wants access to Google Earth on the Internet.

Does Google offer or provide professional services?

Google trains and supports several authorized Google for Work partners. Our partners will work with you to ensure you have a fully working system and all the tools necessary to build a successful and user friendly GIS experience, as well as the training required to understand the power and full capabilities of Google Earth Enterprise. Our partners can also be contracted to provide any additional professional services that are required for your organization.

Does Google provide hardware with Google Earth Enterprise?

Google Earth Enterprise is a software-only deliverable. Our resellers can quote hardware prices or you can purchase your own hardware. Google Earth Enterprise runs on commodity x86_64 hardware.

What levels of support are available?

For current Google Earth Enterprise customers there is email support and phone support for downtime.

How is Google Earth Enterprise licensed?

The Google Earth Enterprise software has flexible Enterprise licensing, available on a perpetual or annual basis. Please contact our sales team for further information.

Can mashups be created with Google Earth Enterprise?

Yes. Google Earth Enterprise exposes your organizations data through the Google Maps and Google Earth APIs, letting you easily build mashups and embed your content into portals and other services.

Can I build globes for other organizations?

Yes. Google Earth globes and maps are self-contained and can be moved from one hosting environment to another.

Will Google build a globe or map for my organization?

Several Google Earth Enterprise partner organizations are capable of providing globe-building services for your organization. Please see our Partner Solutions Marketplace for a list of partners who may deliver these services.

How can our organization partner with Google?

Please see details at the Google for Work Partner Page.

What industries can benefit from Google Earth Enterprise?

Any industry that needs to visualize geographic data is applicable. Our customers currently comprise communities including:Intel, Military, Mining, Gas&Electric, Geological Development, Real Estate, Financial, Aeronautics, Aviation, and Federal, State and Local governments.

Any industry that has access to its own imagery and vector data could use Google Earth Enterprise.

Who are the existing Google Earth Enterprise Parter organizations?

A list of existing Google Earth Enterprise Partners may be viewed at the Google for Work Partner Page.