Earth Builder

Manage your geospatial data in the cloud

Google Earth Builder is a revolutionary geospatial solution that lets you publish your mapping data on our secure, cloud-based mapping platform and share it quickly and easily through Google Earth, Google Maps and Android Phones.

Create Custom Maps

Create custom map layers for Google Earth and Maps with Google Earth Builder’s intuitive map creation tools.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Make it easy for your organization to view the geospatial data they need wherever they are, whenever they need it from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device. You have control over who you want to access the data, and how much of it you wish to share. Developers can also use Google Map and Earth APIs within Google Earth Builder.

Reduce Server Costs

Significantly lower IT costs and eliminate time maintaining, scaling and updating software and servers. Easily manage traffic spikes, such as after a natural disaster, because Google’s cloud platform scales to support increased user traffic.